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Jaded Moon is a resident artist at Golden Skull Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV, but travels to many tattoo conventions a year and loves to stop in Madison and guest spot between her adventures. Anyone who is lucky enough to come in contact with her, respects her for her hard work ethic, her constant positivity and her openness to express herself.


She loves to get to know her clients and share crazy stories back and forth with them and looks forward to hearing all about their lives. Working at a tattoo shop on the strip in Las Vegas has helped her to master many different styles: including black and grey, realism, writing and color. Jaded Moon is the Queen of Erotica and most well known in the tattoo community for her sexually expressive tattoos and her willingness to tattoo any part of a person's body.


When she is not getting her Instagram taken away or flirting on Tinder you can find her tattooing internationally and traveling the globe. She loves eating healthy, working out, surfing, modeling and snuggling with her hairless cat.

Jaded Moon

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